WIAW #35

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! I am finally no longer living in a hotel! On Monday I moved into a new company apartment. I am still waiting for a washer and dryer to be delivered but am starting to settle in and unpack. It feels great to do normal things again….like make a cup of coffee in my french press! Here is a peek at some of my hotel and non hotel eats this week.

While packets of oatmeal made for an easy breakfast at the hotel I was thrilled to whip up a batch of Kodiak Cakes yesterday morning. Yum!
IMG_1980I follow up with another cup of brewed coffee in my new mug.
IMG_1979Chipotle chicken salads with hot sauce for dinner. These have been good but I am looking forward to having a dinner at home this weekend.
IMG_1976Picked up this Whole Foods beet and kale salad. I love beets (but hate dealing with the mess of cooking them) and couldn’t pass up this tasty mess-free creation.
IMG_1974Found these at TJ’s on the weekend and have been snacking on them daily. Really good and not overly salty. I need to head back soon and grab another bag 🙂
IMG_1982Spotted these huge blackberries at Costco and snacked on them after dinner
IMG_1977Along with multiple handfuls of the Whole Foods copycat of peanut M&Ms
IMG_1978Hope you all have a wonderful warm week. It is supposed to warm up slightly here in Dallas this week which will be great. I am not impressed with the cold weather 🙂

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2 Responses to WIAW #35

  1. How is the fresh market? I have one close but I’ve haven’t gone yet. Is it like whole foods and expensive?


    • You should definitely check it out. They have an interesting selection of items. Some small label companies from around the country that I had never heard of before. Some things are pricey but they have 2-3 sale days throughout the week with good discounts.


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