WIAW #34

Good Morning! I hope that you are all staying safe from all the nasty winter weather whether it is the rainstorms or the snow and frigid temps on the eastern side of the US. I have had quite a week here in Dallas. I was supposed to move into an apartment on Friday but it was completely trashed and unliveable. I have been staying in a hotel while my company figures out another plan. If housing can’t be worked out this week I will probably be heading home. Very upsetting and frustrating to say the least. I am hoping that things work out but I’m not overly confident. Anyways…..time for a look at some of the food I have been enjoying here in Dallas.

On Saturday morning I headed out to visit the Dallas Farmer’s Market. There were huge long rows of fresh vegetables and fruit. Fresh papayas and citrus fruit galore! There were a lot of local producers and farmers. If I end up staying here I will definitely go back and stock up on some fresh items.
IMG_1932Breakfast has been coffee, oatmeal, and a banana. I find it is a simple and quick thing to eat on the road or when away from a kitchen. I used my Starbucks free reward to add the blueberries this time.
IMG_1903While I have been kitchen-less I have been spending a lot of time at Starbucks enjoying the free tea and coffee refills and wifi. Lunch has been happening there as well and has been a repeat of breakfast for ease and convenience. Once I got to Dallas I picked up a box of plain oatmeal packets from Whole Foods and just ask for a small cup of hot water and make my own for lunch.

Supper has been in my hotel room each day. I have been stopping at a Whole Foods near this hotel for a few items from the prepared department. This salad was delicious. It was kale with some butternut squash and raisins. The dressing was some apple cider vinegar I think. It was so simple and tasty.
IMG_1904A while ago when I found their Cauliflower tabbouli I always pick up a container when I see it. Love it!
IMG_1945Up until last week I had never been to Chipotle at all. I had dinner there while travelling to Dallas and have been having a salad there for supper the past few days. Quite a tasty and quick and healthier version of fast food. This was a chicken salad with the spicy hot sauce.
IMG_1901Have you ever been to Chipotle?
Any favourite kitchen-less meals? 🙂

Hope you all stay warm and safe this week. Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and see what WIAW is all about.


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3 Responses to WIAW #34

  1. Hope (@love_liberate13) says:

    What gorgeous farmer’s market fair. Thanks for the pics.


  2. Can’t wait for farmer’s market season to begin again here in MI. Bummer about your apartment in Dallas- hopefully everything is working out!


  3. jejansonius says:

    That starbucks oatmeal looks phenomenal!


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