WIAW #33

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! Hope any of you on the east coast are staying safe and warm indoors! I have a short post for you today as I starting my drive to Dallas this morning. It has been a stressful few weeks of sorting out details and it will be good to start to settle in this weekend. Here is a look at some of the food I have enjoyed this week.

I wanted to finish the frozen strawberries in the freezer so I added them to my Kodiak Cakes and coffee for breakfast.
IMG_1883I picked up a small container of this broccoli and pesto salad from Whole Foods. It was really tasty and not overly saucy.
IMG_1892I have been drinking the La Croix Orange flavour lately after spotting it at Target. I tried the coconut flavour but wasn’t a huge fan. Lime and orange are my favs for sure.
IMG_1893Yesterday I picked up an unsweetened Passion Fruit Iced tea from Starbucks. I had one the other day and the barista said it was unsweetened but it tasted sweet to me. This one was definitely unsweetened which I like. I am not a fan of sweet drinks.
IMG_1891Veggies were snacked on during the Super Bowl on Sunday. I chopped up a ton in the afternoon and it gave me easy leftovers for Monday. I picked up more of the purple turnips from the farmer’s market on Saturday. They are just so good. I hope I can find them in Dallas!
IMG_1885Hope you are all having a great first week in February and are enjoying a less stressful week than me!

Any Dallas or Texas info or tips for me?

Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and check out everyone else’s great posts.


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