WIAW #32

Happy Wednesday! I hope that any of you on the east coast are safe and warm out of the path of the storm. Although life has been hectic here lately I don’t miss the cold and snowy winter weather. One highlight of my weekend though was signing up for Amazon Prime during their one day sale. I had cancelled after the one month trial a few months ago as I wasn’t sure I would get enough use to justify the $99. When I got the email on the weekend about the sale price of $72 I immediately signed up. Any recommendations on some shows and movies to watch?

Yesterday I had the day off work so I enjoyed a morning coffee at Starbucks. My main purpose was to get the free code for a copy of Tara Stiles new book. I have heard great things about the book and flipped through a copy a few weeks ago and B&N. I am really looking forward to reading it.
IMG_1869On Saturday I headed to the Gilbert Farmer’s Market specifically to see this one local organic farm. I tried these amazing turnips from their farm a few weeks ago and loved them. They grow white and purple ones. The skin is so thin they don’t need to be peeled. I just chop the ends off, wash, cut, and eat. I picked up some more to enjoy. Yum!
IMG_1869 2The last TJ frozen chicken burger with blue corn chips on the side. Making an effort to eat out the food in the freezer before moving.
IMG_1864Picked up a bag of giant sweet red peppers at Costco on the weekend. Cut up one with supper. So sweet and juicy.
IMG_1870My evening snack has been air popped popcorn. I picked up a new popper a while ago at Walmart but I have noticed it seems to pop out a lot of kernels. I need to look for another popper I think.
IMG_1832Enjoying a handful of these TJ cookies as well. I miss the Gingersnap variety they had at Christmas. The one downside of TJ is stock changes so often. If you try something and love it you need to stock up cause it will disappear quickly!
IMG_1799I have today off work today as well. On the agenda today is a haircut and hopefully firming up my housing for my move next week to Dallas!

Hope you all have a warm and safe week from the nasty weather!

Linking up today with Jenn and the weekly WIAW roundup.


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6 Responses to WIAW #32

  1. Woaaaah I did not know about the free book code! I wonder if they’re still doing it today. I’m definitely hitting up the starbucks at work today to see!


  2. Mmmm lots of TJ goods! I can’t wait to hear how the book is!


  3. I love TJ ginger cats! They’re the best!


  4. jejansonius says:



  5. Love TJ’s, but yes, if you find something you like…stock up!


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