WIAW #29

Hello and Happy Wednesday Friends! I have been really busy this week and due to a lack of time this post is going to be shorter than others.

I finally found this new Brew La La Gingerbread Cookie coffee at TJ Maxx. I had seen people raving about it but wasn’t really impressed unfortunately. I just found the flavour was lacking once it was brewed. Bummer šŸ˜¦
IMG_1795I had originally planned on having these salads I picked up from Desert Roots Kitchen with supper but ended up eating them for lunch instead. It is a Kale salad and a spicy ginger broccoli slaw. They were so good. I need to attempt to recreate that slaw soon.
IMG_1796I had cooked a salmon burger for supper but when I tried it was much more saltier than I remember. I just couldn’t eat it unfortunately. I don’t eat many salty foods and can always seem to pick out those super salty tasting foods. I was cooking up Kodiak Cakes for breakfast the next day and since I was starving I just made two more and ate them for supper instead. I was really looking forward to the burger so it was another bummer of a meal šŸ˜¦
IMG_1791As I type this post I am snacking on TJ cat cookies and some tea. A great winter night combo if you ask me!
IMG_1799Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Have you tried Brew La La coffee before?
Do you ever find yourself with meals that aren’t as you planned or envisioned?

Don’t forget to head over and see Jenn’s page to get all the WIAW happenings of this week!



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5 Responses to WIAW #29

  1. Ahh thats a bummer you didn’t like brew la la coffee! personally love it! Maybe it was the flavor you choose?


  2. jejansonius says:

    I actually have tried that coffee brand and the taste/flavor I got was less than desirable too!


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