WIAW #27

Hello and Merry Christmas Eve friends! I hope you are preparing to enjoying some relaxing holiday time. While I have been away from family before on Christmas this is the first time I have been away from them in another country….and in a non winter climate 🙂 I am hoping to pick up a turkey breast today that I will enjoy tomorrow for supper. Time for a look at some of the food I have been enjoying this week.

I decided to enjoy some extra vitamin C with breakfast before heading out to run errands with the crowds of people on the weekend.
Discovered this hummus that is made locally in Phoenix. I had sampled it at Costco and picked up a few containers for a great deal. I have been spreading it on sandwiches and of course with veggies. It is really good. Although I know hummus isn’t difficult to make I just can never be bothered to whip it up.
IMG_1744Lunch was a delicious plate from Desert Roots Kitchen. I tried their dolmas for the first time and this excellent pineapple chipotle black bean hummus. It was amazing.
IMG_1754On Sunday while I binged the Serial Podcast I whipped up this fresh lunch. I finished Serial today and loved each episode. If you haven’t listened to it I would highly recommend it. I found this new organic multi grain bread by Alpine Valley Bread at Costco that is made locally in Mesa. The slices are on the small side but it tasted good. I picked up some more of these huge raspberries at Costco and was amazed at how sweet they tasted.
IMG_1762While wandering through the farmer’s market on Sunday morning I stumbled upon a stall that had these great frozen meals with simple basic ingrediants. I picked up few of their offerings to try out. Tonight I had sausage, peppers, and onions. It was really really good. The sauce was so flavourful. The man said they use no sugar or salt in the sauce and simply put a whole carrot in the sauce to sweeten it naturally. How cool is that?!
IMG_1768 I added some roasted veggies on the side that I topped with some hummus.
IMG_1769I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and can enjoy some time with family and friends

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the linkup this week. If you want to see more great food make sure you head over to her site.


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