WIAW #26

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. I am currently writing this post on Monday evening as I am heading out to a concert Tuesday night. I heard about this musical group The Piano Guys a while ago. They are from Utah and are incredibly talented musicians. They have a lot of videos on YouTube and play a range of classical songs and contemporary ones. Yesterday I happened to see an ad promoting their concert tomorrow night. I decided to buy a ticket and attend the show. I am really looking forward to it! Now onto a look at some of my meals from this week.

My new job starts really early so I have been making Kodiak Cakes in advance and just reheating them each morning in the microwave. They taste like they are fresh and it saves a ton of time. I have tried a few other alternatives for breakfast but haven’t found an alternative that keeps me full for as long as the Kodiak Cakes do. I spotted these bright vibrant coloured berries at Costco on Friday. I have been eating and snacking on them all weekend.
IMG_1737I also managed to pick up a package of this yummy coffee at Target this weekend….bonus as it was on sale as well! The other day I saw that Brie had recommended it and it smells and tastes great. I saw there was pecan pie flavour as well but didn’t pick it up. Has anyone tried that?
IMG_1732I picked up some Wrap’N Roll lavash bread last week but it seemed drier than other kinds I have had. I spread some hummus, added some sliced turkey breast, and topped with with some broccoli slaw.
IMG_1736I also had some tea and ginger snap cat cookies as well.
IMG_1739I had been looking for a smaller (4 qt ish) size programable slow cooker for a while. I wanted one that would switch to a warm mode and all the smaller sized ones I could find weren’t programable. I happened to see Walmart had a 4qt programable one on sale for $17. I picked up the last one in stock on Saturday and made some bison chili yesterday in it. It was really good. I forgot to grab an onion and chili powder so I had to improvise with the seasoning. Despite lacking a few ingredients it was really good. I will definitely be creating another batch soon. I haven’t made or ate chili in a long time but had been craving it lately. I am thinking I will repeat this creation soon. I also had some torn lavash bread on the side.
IMG_1741I ended the day with a microwaved cinnamon apple with some raspberries and frozen yogurt. Delicious!
IMG_1733Any slow cooker recipes that you recommend?
Any favourite bands or musical groups you have seen in concert lately?

Hope you all stay warm and can avoid the crazy pre christmas shopping madness!

Head over to Jenn’s site to check out everyone else’s wonderful meals.WIAWbuttonCheers!


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3 Responses to WIAW #26

  1. That coffee is literally the best!! Im obsessed with christmas flavors!!


  2. Raspberries<3!!! Everything sounds delicious!!


  3. Your wrap sounds delicious, going to have to try that combo!


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