WIAW #25

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all staying warm and are having a great week. I have been busy adjusting to a new work schedule. Here is a look at some things I have done this week and some of the meals I had!

Last Friday afternoon I visited the wonderful Tempe Festival of the Arts in Tempe, AZ. It is held twice a year and has tons of artists and vendors. I went a few years ago and picked up a great mug that I still use along with a unique christmas ornament. I was hoping to find another mug and maybe an ornament but nothing really caught my eye. I did come home with a few jars of great tasting salsa and a couple of candles. It was a great few hours of wandering the streets looking at the talented artists work. If you are ever in town when it is being held I highly recommend checking it out
IMG_1716I stopped by Desert Roots Kitchen again for another great wrap and salad. This was a spicy rice and spinach wrap that had a few lentils mixed in as well. The pico de gallo slaw salad was awesome. So simple but yet so fresh, spicy, and flavourful. I am hoping to re-create it soon. I had always thought I didn’t care for cilantro but since moving here and eating it more I realize I really do like it.They also had these puffed wheat squares with date and coconut. They were quite crumbly but very good as well. I ate this great lunch before hitting the streets of the arts festival.
IMG_1715I spent Saturday relaxing at home and put together a quick turkey pita sandwich with some veggies and a new hummus I picked up at Whole Foods. I picked up a container of the original Roots Hummus which I had never had before. It was quite good. I think it would be a good dip for crackers as well.
IMG_1720On Sunday I participated in the Hot Chocolate 5k in Scottsdale. It was quite crowded on the course but I think it had to do with them only spacing the start times for each corral. Only 90 seconds between groups is not enough! Anyways, the weather was great and it was  an enjoyable morning. I have yet to find some new long sleeve running tops so I had to run in a hoodie to keep warm. It was a pleasant but cool 50F. One of the handouts at the finish area was a plastic mug/dish that was filled with a banana, snacks, chocolate fondue, and hot chocolate. I was not feeling like eating chocolate at 9am so I grabbed just the cup and a banana. I thought it would be a fun  dish for some veggies to go along with dinner.
IMG_1722I was feeling kinda lazy at supper so I put together another pita turkey and slaw sandwich. I had a some blue corn chips and my new salsa on the side.
IMG_1725My evening snack of a microwaved diced apple and tons of cinnamon  with frozen cherries and a scoop of frozen yogurt continues. It smells amazing and tastes so good. I am addicted. I just bought a huge jar of cinnamon at Costco on Friday cause I see no end in sight to this current apple trend!

IMG_1709Sleepy time mint tea and these ginger cat cookies were enjoyed as well 🙂 I heard there is a Celestial Seasoning Cranberry Vanilla variety and I want find and try it out. It sounds so good!
IMG_1666Have you tried the Cranberry Vanilla tea?…if so where did you find it?
Any plans for the week ahead?

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting this weekly linkup. Make sure to head over to her site and check out what WIAW is all about.


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2 Responses to WIAW #25

  1. Julie says:

    It must be a blast getting to know your new city! Sounds fun!


  2. everything looks so good!


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