WIAW #24

Happy December Friends! Hope you all had a great holiday Thanksgiving weekend and are managing to keep warm if you aren’t in a warm location. I officially started my new job this week. It has been great to get started and meet my manager and coworkers.

After a month of being super busy I managed to take some time and relax this weekend. I read a few books and just chilled each afternoon. It was exactly what I needed. I finished Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer and would recommend it if you like the Jodi Picoult type books. It was a really good read. Plus I couldn’t complain about my view (while reading messages from friends about the terrible storms at home)
IMG_1705I picked up a waffle maker at Macy’s over the weekend for only $8 and was excited to try making waffles out of the Kodiak Cakes mix. Unfortunately it was failure. I tried using it twice and even after greasing it with coconut oil the waffles stuck and didn’t seem to cook. I ended up returning it 😦

One of the bowls in the dinnerware set I bought developed a crack in it. I returned the set to Costco over the weekend and started looking for a replacement as they were out of the set I had bought. I ended up ordering a new set on Monday for a great deal directly from the manufacturer. The bad news is I am back to eating on my one plastic plate and paper plates till the new set arrives. After assembling this lunch I realized it looks like it is fit for a child! Almond Butter sandwich, banana, grape tomatoes, and some Trader Joe’s ginger cat cookies….Yum!
IMG_1711Dinner was a frozen turkey burger I picked up last week in a pita bread and topped with broccoli slaw. I also roasted up some more brussels sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, and green beans and topped them with some Hope Foods garlic lentil dip. I also enjoyed a beer from Wasatch Brewery in Salt Lake City.
IMG_1693I think I overcooked the burger a bit….I am always nervous about cooking poultry enough and end up making it ‘well done’.

IMG_1700I have been loving my nightly snack lately. I am still all about the diced apple with tons of cinnamon that I microwave and top with cherries. Some days I add some frozen yogurt but other days I eat it with out it. It is so good either way. Add a cup of tea and it has been a wonderful way to end my days.
IMG_1707This weekend I am participating in the Hot Chocolate 5k race. There is a 15k as well but I haven’t been able to run as much lately due to my hectic schedule so I just signed up for the 5k. There is supposed to be a great hoodie/jacket (the true reason I signed up haha!)

Hope you all have a great weekend…any plans?
Do you own a waffle maker? Have you had success with it?
Any favourite teas?  I have been enjoying Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings lately.

Make sure you check out Jenn’s site for more WIAW action.


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5 Responses to WIAW #24

  1. Julie says:

    Is that your new home/community? I love food that takes me back to my childhood although I definitely eat more meals like the one you posted now than I did then – I was a terrible eater and had fast food all the time as a kid!


  2. jejansonius says:

    I just got hungry for an ice cream cone…..after seeing your yogurt…and because I always get hungry for a ice cream cone this time of day! haha WEATHER LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Is that photo at where you live?!?!?


  3. I’m jealous of your Trader Joe’s food! We don’t have one where I live 😦


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