WIAW #23

Good Morning! Hope you are all enjoying this short week and looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have been busy getting settled in Phoenix. After hearing people complain about the DMV system and the long waits I got to experience it first hand this week. After going to three different offices and waiting at over an hour at each place I now have an Arizona driver’s license. On Saturday I went out for a hike after breakfast at a local trail near where I am living. Beautiful scenery and views of the valley. I am definitely looking forward to exploring more of the local trails.
IMG_1654Here is a look at some of my meals from this week.

I had a busy day ahead of running errands and waiting in long lines. My usual breakfast of Kodiak Cakes, coffee, and an apple kept me full till lunch which was a huge bonus.
IMG_1675Lunch was a turkey breast sandwich with some of the blackberry currant mustard from Trader Joe’s that I mentioned last week. I have really been enjoying the pack of mustard. I had a issue with my sink in my condo this weekend which made my kitchen sink unusable. I ended up having this same meal for supper over the weekend as it required minimal sink involvement.
IMG_1665I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. I am trying to force myself to drink what I have on hand before buying more. Today I had a pot of Trader Joe’s decaffeinated green tea candy cane variety.

On Sunday morning I went to check out a local farmer’s market near my place. I tried this mango salsa and was really impressed. It is more spicy than sweet and made locally in Arizona. I like mango salsa but often varieties much more sweeter than spicy. They sell a bunch of other flavours that I am looking forward to trying.

IMG_1664When thinking about that to make for supper the idea of a potato appealed to me. I hadn’t had a microwaved potato in ages. I used this method by Hannah and the potato turned out perfect. I topped it with tuna that I mixed with the mango salsa and some sun dried tomatoes. It was a strange looking but good supper. I have been loving roasted veggies lately as well and had a bunch of them as well.

IMG_1671On the weekend I had a craving for apple crisp. I decided to try and make a single serving variation to enjoy. I cut up an apple and sprinkled a ton of cinnamon on it. I microwaved it for 2 minutes and then added a handful of frozen cherries. It smelled amazing as soon as I took it out of the microwave. I topped it with a scoop of greek frozen yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I was looking for a substitute for the traditional topping and when I saw these cookies at TJ’s I thought they would be a good replacement. I chose the ginger variety of the cat cookies. They provided some crunch and spicy ginger flavour. This evening snack was excellent and I have enjoyed it with a cup of tea each night lately.
IMG_1672Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy some great food.

Are you planning on doing any shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I am hoping to find a TV for a good price. I also still need to get a few more kitchen items and some clothes which I hope I can find on sale this weekend.

Make sure you head on over to Jenn’s page and check out what WIAW is all about.


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6 Responses to WIAW #23

  1. Julie says:

    I have never heard of blackberry currant mustard! I have to get my hands on some now!


  2. ChickGettinFit says:

    I love kodiak cake pancakes! I found that they make a protein mix and they taste just like the original but with a lot more protein!


    • I have only tried their Power Cake variety which I think is their higher protein one. I keep seeing people make waffles and other baked items with the mix. I have only used it for pancakes….have you made anything else with it?


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