WIAW #22

Hello! Happy Wednesday Everyone! This is my first WIAW post from sunny and warm Arizona. I arrived on Friday and have been super busy getting settled in my new home. It is so nice to be away from the cool and rainy weather and in the sun 🙂 I don’t start my new job till Dec 1 but have quite a bit of paperwork and tasks to complete before officially starting. I am hoping to have some free time next week to relax and get to know my new neighbourhood…and hit the Black Friday sales for some of the items I need for my new place 🙂 I did end up taking a chance and buying the Costco memory foam mattress without being able to test it out. It is so comfortable. If you like memory foam I highly recommend it….and the price can’t be beat.

I enjoyed a batch of Kodiak Cakes, an apple, and a huge cup of coffee. I had a lot of errands to run and needed the fuel for the day. This meal kept me going till lunch.
IMG_1637I stopped in at one of my favourite places in Tempe. Desert Roots Kitchen. This tiny restaurant/cafe is amazing. It has the most freshest and flavourful food I have ever had. All items are made from local, farm fresh ingrediants (when possible) and are organic. All items happen to be vegan as well. Everyday they have a completely new menu. If you are ever in Phoenix or Tempe you must stop in and have a meal. Today I had half of the cilantro lime chick pea and rice wrap with a side of kale salad that had a interesting dressing of pineapple, orange, and cinnamon. It was delicious. I couldn’t resist the pumpkin, cranberry, and flax square. It was just so fresh and flavourful. I love meals like that.
IMG_1627 IMG_1629After surviving a trip to Ikea I made my next stop at Trader Joe’s. Have any of you had this pack of mustard from TJ yet? I was looking for their whole grain but they were out of stock so I picked this pack up instead. I am so impressed. I highly recommend it. Check it out if you have a TJ near you.
IMG_1630I got home and was starving so I roasted some mushrooms and opened a can of tuna. I added some sun dried tomatoes and some of the basil mustard. It was excellent! So tasty and flavourful. I am looking forward to trying out the rest. I am thinking maybe trying the blackcurrant with salmon? I topped my mushrooms with some Hope Foods curry lentil dip. I couldn’t find that variety at home but found it down here. I had tried that variety at Blend and loved the curry spice.
IMG_1632I ended the day on the couch with some popcorn and a cup of hot tea.
IMG_1634Have you spotted any new foods lately?
Are you a fan of mustard?

Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and check out what WIAW is all about.


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2 Responses to WIAW #22

  1. jejansonius says:

    KATE!!!! I’m so excited for your big move, I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures and can I just say I LOVE reading what you’re eating each week…ha rhymed and didn’t even try!


  2. I love all the fresh veggies in this post. So much beautiful goodness.


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