WIAW #20

Good morning! Hope you all had a great week and a great halloween. I made a quick trip down to Phoenix on the weekend. I toured the apartment complex that I had signed a lease for sight unseen (It looked great. Always kinda a worry though when you make a big decision like that without seeing it in person!). The goal for the weekend was to try and find a car as Phoenix is not a transit friendly city. I spent most of Saturday doing that and finally decided on a 2015 Honda Fit. I was so surprised with the amount of space inside the car and it should be great on fuel! I move down for good next Friday so it would be an understatement to say things are a little crazy in my life right now 🙂 I decided to snap some photos of the food I ate while I was away over the weekend. Enjoy!

Started the day at Starbucks with oatmeal, banana, and a blonde coffee with one pump of pumpkin while sitting out on the patio.
IMG_1530The car shopping took a lot longer than I had thought. After signing the deal I decided to treat myself to a green juice from Nekter Juice Bar. I had seen Megan rave about their juices and wanted to try them out. I got the greenie flavour with tons of veggies. It also had some ginger for a kick. It was really tasty on a warm afternoon.
IMG_1537I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some salads and a sandwich for supper. Relaxing at the hotel instead of eating out was definitely more appealing after this exhausting day. They only had these veggie sandwiches left which were okay but not great. The salads I chose were really tasty however. The coleslaw is mayo free and made with tahini apparently. It was so fresh and good. The kale salad had parsley in it and was good as well.
IMG_1541I had a flight back home at 9pm on Sunday night so I decided to stop by Whole foods and grab supper and eat it at the airport. These roasted veggies were amazing. The lady recommended them so I picked up a container. They are oil free and just have a little Italian dressing on them. Delicious! I love roasted veggies!
IMG_1558The brussel sprouts and sweet potato salad was on sale so I got a few sprouts to try too. Good choice again. The sprouts were huge!
IMG_1556I picked up a tuna, tomato, and lettuce sandwich which was ok but not outstanding. Better than the veggie one the night before but did the trick for a portable food that I could take through security!
IMG_1559I am off to finish packing and keep checking things off my ever growing to-do list! I only have five more days of work left 🙂

Hope you all have a great week. Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s blog and check out all the great eats!


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6 Responses to WIAW #20

  1. I love the idea of italian dressing on roasted veggies! I have to try that next time!


  2. Kay Bueno says:

    Love your food. I miss days of sitting out at Starbucks with friends.

    Also, great choice on the Honda Fit. I loved that car, but ended up with the Toyota Yaris. Love little gas efficient cars.


  3. mmm i love whole foods!


  4. Lindsay says:



    • Lindsay says:

      Errr, let me try this again. LOVE Starbucks oatmeal! So stinkin’ good. I’m so excited to hear about the big changes going on!!


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