WIAW #19

Good Morning! I can’t believe this is the week in October. I have had a really busy week. I found out on Friday that the apartment that I applied to lease in Phoenix was approved. Finding a place to live was at the top of my to-do list and it was such a relief to have taken care of that. It was nerve racking to apply for the place without seeing it in person but I think it will work out. It is about 10 miles from work so my commute will be manageable. I am off to Phoenix this weekend to look at some cars and take care of a few other things before I move in a few weeks. It is going to be a crazy few weeks! Here’s a peek at my meals this week.

I enjoyed Kodiak Cakes, a sweet and juicy gala apple, and a cup of coffee. I was going to spend the morning packing and needed the fuel!
IMG_1486I took a break from dis assembling a bookshelf and end tables and snacked on some figs (recycled photo).
IMG_1357I hauled all the pieces down to the garbage room in my building and was starving by lunch.  I whipped up a quick lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and another apple. I munched on a carrot while making the sandwich. I went to the grocery store yesterday and picked up more PB to last me till I move. Totally into PB lately!

I had some friends over for supper. All of our schedules are hectic so this was the only day we could all get together before I leave. I wanted supper to be really easy so we could relax and visit. I broiled some porobello mushrooms and topped them with lentil dip. I had some organic frozen asparagus spears from Costco that I cooked up and topped with smoky salsa. I cooked up the last three Mahi Mahi fillets and toasted some bread (I topped mine with mustard and tons of sun dried tomatoes!). We snacked on this bowl of raw veggies. It was a very simple, easy, and not fancy at all but we all had a great time visiting!
IMG_1492IMG_1436Isn’t it great to get together with friends and catch up!
Hope you all have a great week and a happy Halloween!

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4 Responses to WIAW #19

  1. I’ve never seen that type of figs. I love them, I’ll have to look for these. Happy WIAW!


  2. thehealthyrd says:

    Those pancakes look super delicious 🙂


  3. wow great eats! I LOVE dried figs but they are so hard to find!


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