WIAW #18

Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope you have all had a great week so far. It is hard to believe that October is almost over. This month has flown by. I have been really busy this week sorting out my upcoming move. I gave my notice of resignation at my current job last Friday and will leave for Phoenix in just a few weeks. So much to organize and figure out before I go! I am hoping to sign a lease for a place to live this week. My to do list seems endless but I am so excited, nervous, and happy about this change.

My meals this week have been a continued attempt at eating foods in the pantry and freezer. Other than buying fresh fruit and veggies I am hoping to use up what I have already prior to moving.

I usually have one cup of regular coffee per day and have been working my way though my stock in the pantry. This morning I had Archer Farms Kettle Corn variety. I didn’t immediately love it. I had read people raving about it and picked it up to try it. Now that it has been cool and rainy here starting the day with a warm drink is quite enjoyable. Kodiak Cakes (gotta use up the stock!) have still been on the breakfast menu but this morning I paired it with this organic gala apple that I picked up from Costco. So crunchy and juicy! I usually don’t buy apples from Costco because they are huge but yesterday I found a pack that were more reasonably sized.

IMG_1470I was working all weekend so I had the day off today. Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich with couple of chopped carrots and another cored and sliced apple. I have half a jar of PB left and am hoping it will last until I move! (Not likely though!)


I took a break from car research online (totally exhausting! Too many choices and opinions) to enjoy a few dried figs and a can of La Croix. This is the Cranberry Raspberry flavour. Definitely not my favourite flavour but still refreshing.
IMG_1473Supper was another freezer use up meal. I had 2 remaining frozen pieces of salmon fillet left so I broiled it in the oven. I put it on top of some broiled baby portobello mushrooms which I topped with some habenaro lentil dip and a few sundried tomatoes. I had some sugar snap peas and carrots on the side. I am on a sugar snap pea kick lately. Love those crunchy pods! This came together quite quickly and was a good use up meal.

IMG_1469Later in the evening I snacked on popcorn while catching up on the latest episode of The Good Wife. Love that show!
IMG_1459Have you ever gone through periods of using up foods in your freezer or pantry?

Thanks again to Jenn for hosting this weekly linkup. Don’t forget to head over to her site and check out everyone else’s great food ideas.


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4 Responses to WIAW #18

  1. you’re lunch sounds perfect to me!! And that bread looks amazing:)


  2. i love salmon! my fav dinner!


  3. marylegare says:

    Your salmon and portobellos look SO GOOD. You mentioned a habañero lentil dip…Trader Joe’s has a habeñero hot sauce that is amazing. And Harris Teeter makes a pineapple habeñero salsa that is a great topper for tuna or fish. I’ve followed your posts through Jenn’s site, but I’m not sure where you’re from (if you have a Harris Teeter where you live). But if you have access to HT, their salsas are amazing. There’s an olive & artichoke salsa—it’s a game changer! To answer your question about using up food…I tend to only buy food I’ll eat for the week ahead. However, I also buy a few random foods that end up being ignored. I have a bag of chia seeds that are sitting in my cabinet, and I have no idea what to do with them. I was supposed to use them for a recipe, but I found a variation without chia seeds. But it’s refreshing to clear out the fridge/pantry—especially when you find a creative way to do it!


    • Thanks for visiting the blog. That habenero salsa sounds delicious. I have never seen any Harris Teeter stores near me. I will definitely look for the hot sauce at TJ next time I go there. I have a half empty bag of chia seeds too!


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