WIAW #17

Good Morning and happy Wednesday everyone! It seems like almost overnight the days are suddenly a lot shorter and the weather has gotten cooler. It is supposed to be cool, gray, and rainy all week. It makes me forward to the warmth and sunshine of the desert soon!

On Saturday I had run errands all day but  stopped by the farmer’s market first thing to pick up some apples. I was able to come home with a huge bag to snack on throughout the week. I love seeing new and unique vegetables that are locally grown. I was almost going to buy one of these but I was unsure what to make with it. It looked so vibrant I had to take a photo! Anyone tried this variety before?


For breakfast I decided to use up a bag of Buttermilk Flapjacked mix that I had left in the cupboard. I sliced up an apple and enjoyed a cup of this coffee along with the cakes. Perfect relaxing way to start a Saturday.

IMG_1457I happened to be at Whole Foods at lunch and decided to pick up a Power Cookie from the bakery. I headed over to Starbucks and grabbed a blonde roast coffee and enjoyed one of the apples from the market. Quick but tasty lunch while sitting in the parking lot!
IMG_1441I continued my goal of eating food left in my freezer. I baked a fillet of salmon and added some really delicious cauliflower tabbouleh that I picked up from the deli at Whole Foods. It was so fresh and flavourful (and on sale!). I had the other half of the salad the next night. I didn’t end up eating all the pretzels as I started snacking on some raw veggies instead.
IMG_1449After dinner I had some frozen fruit and air popped popcorn while watching Project Runway.

Hope you all have a great week!

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4 Responses to WIAW #17

  1. That salmon dinner looks on point! And the cookie from whole foods is making me drool! What was in it??


  2. Julie says:

    I’ve never tried that cauli, but I’ve seen it before too!


  3. This day sounds a like like one of mine! I love whole foods bakery and Starbucks and last week I was on a project-runway-while-eating-air-popped-pop-corn-kick!


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