WIAW #16

Hello All! Hope you all are having a great week and enjoying the first part of October. I am back from my trip to Phoenix. It was a really long couple of days with tours of various hospitals and interviews. I was lucky to be offered a full time job at one of the hospitals we toured. Hopefully the details will be finalized this week and I can figure out when I will be moving. I am really excited about the change and the new opportunities that Phoenix offers. While it will be hard to move away from family and friends and to be alone in a city with no connections I feel optimistic and this change ‘feels right’. Still wrapping my mind around that I will be living in Arizona as soon as next month! Now onto a look at some of my meals this week.

I have always packed food with me when I travel but during this short trip decided to not bring any along. There was a Starbucks near the hotel and I walked there each morning and had coffee along with a bowl of oatmeal and a banana.

I met some really fun and friendly people at this event. We went out for Mexican food the first night. I had a house salad that was topped with fresh corn and a mandarin dressing. It was really good. There was a $2 taco special that night so I picked out three of the small tacos. I selected a chicken one, a shrimp one, and a mushroom one. The best part of the night was the discovery of a frozen yogurt shop near the hotel which I had a had to stop at for a cool treat. I enjoy Mexican food and can’t wait to find more great restaurants in the Phoenix area.
IMG_1419My flight was supposed to leave at 10am so I wasn’t planning on eating lunch on the plane. Due to a mechanical and hydraulic  issue they were unsure if the plane would be able to lift off the ground (kinda a necessary function of flying!!). We were taken off the plane and had to go to another gate to wait for a new plane. We ended up leaving at 12:30 and I new
I needed to grab some food to eat on the plane. I had picked up a cup of fresh fruit from Starbucks but needed something more. There was a sandwich shop next to the gate. I was pleasantly surprised with this $10 made to order selection. I chose turkey, with whole grain mustard, tomato, and lettuce on whole wheat. It was really good. The mustard was the best part. While healthy airport food is hard to find it isn’t impossible (just not cheap unfortunately!).
IMG_1425I left Phoenix and the warm sunshine to arrive home to rain and 55F weather. I was cold! Warmed up while unpacking and doing laundry with a mug of tea. I like this flavour. I stocked up last fall and just noticed it was back in Target again.
IMG_1431For dinner I baked a fillet of salmon and topped it with some whole grain mustard. I had some shredded kale salad from Trader Joe’s on the side. I added some sun dried tomatoes on top and used some remaining lentil dip as a ‘dressing’. I like travelling but love getting home and eating my veggie filled meals!
IMG_1428I don’t usually eat any candy because it really doesn’t appeal to me. One of the hospitals gave us a little goodie bag that had some candy corn in it. I hadn’t eaten candy corn in ages. I tried one and was surprised with the taste. Not too bad! I felt like adding some to my nightly popcorn tonight. It was a great idea. The warmth of the popcorn just slightly warmed the candy. Perfect crunchy and slightly sweet ending to the day.
IMG_1430Do you miss some of your usual meals while traveling?

Any readers or visitors of the Phoenix area with tips for me?

A huge thanks to Jenn for hosting this weekly roundup. Head over to her great site and check out what everyone else is creating.


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4 Responses to WIAW #16

  1. Yum! All your eats look awesome! Good for you for eating healthy while traveling!


  2. Kalie says:

    I live in the Phoenix area! Do you like Mexican food? There are several good restrauants I would reccommend if so! What hospital are you going to be working for? I’m just curious because, I know several people who work at various hospitals in the area!! Congratulations on being offered the job!


  3. Those tacos look amazing 😉 I usually love what I get to eat when travelling so much that I forget my home comfort foods… but they’re always welcome when I’m home!


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