WIAW #14

Happy Wednesday Friends! It has been a really busy week at work this week. I am looking forward to my trip to Phoenix next week. It seemed so far away back in August and I can’t believe it is now only a few days away. I am hoping that the interviews and hospital tours go well. Having a few days in sunny Arizona will be wonderful!

There were no raspberries at the Farmer’s Market this weekend but I did find some local organic blueberries and blackberries. I enjoyed a bowl of the sweet berries with Kodiak Cakes and a cup of coffee.
IMG_1379I had a gala apple as a morning snack at work.

Lunch was a Nuttzo sandwich with a couple of carrots and some cherry tomatoes on the side.
IMG_1159For an afternoon snack I had a couple of dried figs and double the amount of berries in the picture. I totally forgot to snap a photo before I ate them! It satisfied my hunger before I headed to the gym.
IMG_0037Dinner was a lazy quick meal of veggies and lentil dip along side some egg white and salsa open faced sandwich. Really liking the sugar snap peas lately!
IMG_1375I snacked on more berries and a bowl of plain air popped popcorn while relaxing on the couch and watching The Voice. Popcorn has been a nightly snack lately 🙂

I have a bunch on canned pumpkin puree that I need to start using up. I am thinking of topping some pancakes with it. Any favourite ways that you like to enjoy pumpkin?

dc68f-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonDon’t forget to head on over to Jenn’s page to see what WIAW is all about. Thanks for hosting Jenn!



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8 Responses to WIAW #14

  1. jejansonius says:

    Oh YUM just yum, put the kodiak with my pancake mix every morning. Phoenix here you come! Job interview? Apartment Hunt? What’s the deets?


  2. Julie says:

    I just bought some popcorn for when I need crunchiness.

    Can’t wait to hear about Phoenix!


  3. Im getting some kodiak cakes mix soon and i can’t wait to try! How are they!?


    • They are really good. I am hooked on them! So quick and easy to make. Just need to add water only. Target sells them but I have found that Costco has the best price on a pack of three. Hope you like them 🙂


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