WIAW #13

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the last official days of summer! Time for another look at some of the food I have been eating this week.

After missing berries at the farmer’s market last week I was thrilled to see them back at the market this weekend. I grabbed some raspberries and blackberries and have been eating them like candy! I paired them with some Kodiak Cakes and large cup of coffee to fuel my day at work. I picked up new coffee at Target this weekend and have been loving both varieties. I got Archer Farm’s Pumpkin Spice and it is delicious but this morning I had a cup of Duncan Donuts Maple Brown Sugar Variety. It smells wonderful and tastes great! If you are a fan of flavoured coffee you should check them both out.
IMG_1365 IMG_1366I snacked on a crispy gala apple at work quickly between cases. I core the apple at home in the morning and it makes it mess free and super quick to eat on the go.

Lunch was a Nuttzo sandwich with a side of carrots and cherry tomatoes. This has been my go to lunch as of late. Great quick combo! I was in a hurry at work and forgot to snap a photo…oops!

I picked up these figs at Costco on the weekend as an impulse buy. They are so good! They are really chewy and have great flavour. I snacked on a handful before heading to the gym to run some intervals. It feels great to be running again for the first time since the surgery. I have definitely missed it.
IMG_1357At the farmer’s market I found a stall selling the largest zucchini I have ever seen for only $1 each. I picked up two and cut and roasted part of one of the zucchini for dinner tonight. I cubed and roasted the zucchini and combined it with some boiled brussel sprouts which I coated in Hope Foods Habenaro Lentil Dip. I paired it with a broiled fillet of salmon and some fresh veggies.
IMG_1359IMG_1360I ended the day by enjoying a favourite evening snack of late. I have been really liking frozen fruit. It is a cool way to end the day. I also had a huge bowl of plain air popped popcorn while catching up on the latest episode of Project Runway.

Have you ever returned to running or the gym after a long hiatus?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting and don’t forget to visit her site and check out what WIAW is all about.



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