WIAW #11

Happy Wednesday! It is hard to believe that it is now September. This summer seemed to fly by. I hope you all had a relaxing long weekend. I had a low key weekend which was exactly what I needed. I went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and stocked up on more fresh berries and some great organic veggies. I was able to finish reading a couple of books, drinking coffee, and just enjoying a quiet weekend. Even though this is a four day week I knew it was going to be really busy at work so a relaxing weekend was what I needed.

My trend of Kodiak Cakes for breakfast continues. I only have a few more bags left and then will be back to my morning oats. I had these ripe and sweet raspberries on the side.
IMG_1307IMG_1297Mid morning I snacked on some blueberries. Delicious!

Lunch was an almond butter sandwich. I still seem to be having this simple but tasty sandwich almost every day. There is minimal fridge space at work so it is a great fridge free lunch to take to work. I even made one on Saturday morning and then took it with me while I was out running errands. It was a great lunch on the go. I need to do that more often. Love that it filling and requires no refrigeration. I paired it with some leftover veggies and some blueberries.
IMG_1302IMG_1309These pretzels totally hit the spot for an afternoon snack. I spotted them at Whole Foods on Saturday and have been snacking on them daily. They are the 365 salt free variety. I don’t really care for salty foods and often find regular pretzels soooo salty. These ones are great. I also had a couple of pitted dates.
IMG_1303I picked up some zucchini at the market and made more zoodles with them. I added garlic lentil Hope Foods dip and some cherry tomatoes to make a fresh side dish. I took some egg whites that I hard boiled and mixed it with some salsa and sun dried tomatoes and spread it on a piece of lavash bread. It was a tasty quick supper. I snacked on some raw veggies and more pretzels as well. I also had a La Croix Lemon water with supper. It was on sale at Costco so I picked some up after seeing everyone raving about it. I don’t drink soda but really enjoy sparkling water. I was really impressed with the taste. I drink at least a 120 oz of tap water a day so this was a nice change to have with my meal.
Dinner Collage

After supper I snacked on some more berries and cereal from Three Sisters.
IMG_1298IMG_1320I hope you all had a great weekend. Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s page to check out what WIAW is all about.





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