Happy Wednesday All! I hope you are all having a great week. It has been a busy week at work and I am ready for the weekend in a few days. I have been starting to slowly sort and throw out/donate/recycle things that I won’t want to take if I move. Hopefully by starting early this daunting task will be easier!

I headed off to the Farmer’s Market this past weekend and hit the jackpot on berries. I found the largest blackberries I have ever seen. I just had to get raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. They were all too good to pass up. My summer fruit addiction continues 🙂  Because I hit up the market first thing in the morning each time I made a stop during my morning of running errands I grabbed a berry….or 2…or 3 to snack on! I had a bowl full of the delicious summer fruit for breakfast. They were so sweet and fresh tasting. Of course I continued to pair them with a batch of Kodiak Cakes. I use 1/2 cup of the mix and instead of measuring out the water (too lazy for that!) I usually just run the tap and estimate 1/2 cup or so. This morning I obviously added a little too much so it was really runny and made a ton of super thin pancakes. They tasted great just not as fluffy as normal.
IMG_1218Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich with tomatoes, a carrot and the last handful of cherries of the season. I always feel like a kid when I eat a peanut butter sandwich! I like almond butter but nothing beats a good old peanut butter sandwich sometimes. It had been ages since I had them and forgot how quick, tasty, and portable they are.


Supper was a fresh salmon fillet with two portobello mushroom caps. I seasoned them both with Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning spice. I had never had the seasoning before but was intrigued after reading it was salt free. I usually avoid those seasonings as they are loaded with sodium. I added some carrot salad on the side. This was my first time trying portobello mushrooms and I can say I was really impressed. Now I need to start searching for more ideas on how to enjoy them. I picked up some baby ones yesterday as there were no caps at the market.

After dinner I enjoyed more of the fresh berries…a huge bowl of sweet tasty fruit! I also snacked on some Multi Grain Cheerios. Great way to end the day.

Do you have any favourite ways to use portobello mushrooms?

Make sure to head over and check out all the great food on Jenn’s page



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3 Responses to WIAW #9

  1. Leigha says:

    I’m having Kodiak Cakes right now! And the salmon looks great. Happy WIAW! 🙂


  2. Julie says:

    The salmon meal looks delicious! I’m out of both pancake mix and nut butter! 😦


  3. LOVE TJ’s 21 seasoning salute! I sprinkle that stuff on everything. And I made some very similar looking pancakes this weekend – I just called them crepes to explain away their appearance 🙂


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