Good Morning! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Time for another look a day of tasty food.

The Kodiak Cakes made another appearance at breakfast. I topped them with a handful of strawberries that I cut up. I decided to take a break from cherries this week and picked up strawberries instead. I also had a large unpictured cup of coffee to help get me going!


Lunch was a greek yogurt with some more strawberries. I also had a bowl of the Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios with Silk unsweetened almond milk. I totally forgot to take a photo of lunch…oops!

Dinner was another day of breakfast for dinner. I got home late and was in the mood for a quick and easy meal. I had a plate of Kodiak Cakes topped with a small banana and bit of cottage cheese. I also snacked on some veggies while making the cakes. Delicious!
IMG_1121I was at the store yesterday and the Cherries were on sale for $1.99/lb so I had to grab a bag for that price. I snacked on some after dinner.

I need to work at getting more variety in my day with my meals. I often repeat the same meals day after day. Hope to get some variety in next week!

Don’t forget to stop by Jenn’s page to see what WIAW is all about.

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1 Response to WIAW #3

  1. ChickGettinFit says:

    I love pancakes! THeres so many great ways to eat them. Yours look delicious!


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