Good Morning All! Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Jenn for her weekly series of WIAW for the first time.

For breakfast I switched it up a bit. I ran out of almond butter….gotta get me some more today! So I had some tasty jam on my toast instead. Definitely not the same but once topped with a banana and a side of coffee it was all good 🙂

I also had a small bowl of greek yogurt to get some much needed protein. I love the plain variety. I tend to avoid eating milk and cheese but thankfully my body can tolerate the greek yogurt.

For lunch I had a repeat of the greek yogurt and tons of cherries. The local Washington ones are so ripe and juicy. I have been eating pounds of them lately!!!!

I also added in a detour bar…just because!

Dinner was some spiral zucchini and veggies. I bought this spiralizer from Williams Sonoma that everyone was raving about. I find that when I use it the liquid from the zucchini gets everywhere and it is kind of a mess to clean up. Not sure if I will return it or not. Any tips of suggestions for other kinds?

Of course I finished my day off with…….more cherries!

Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday.



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4 Responses to WIAW #1

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love cherries! I need to get some – now you’ve made me so hungry for them! I’ve been looking into a spiralizer, but haven’t made the jump yet.


  2. Now you make me wish I’d bought some local cherries at the Farmers’ Market today.
    I’ve made zucchini noodles multiples times before and I actually don’t own a spiralizer but use a simple [and cheap] julienne peeler. I don’t own this very brand as I’m not from the US but have heard good things about the Zyliss Julienne Peeler.


  3. I love cherries this time of the year too.


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