New York City Recap

In May I took a short trip to New York City for the first time ever. What an amazing city! Definitely can’t wait to return to some of my favourite places 🙂

I thought I would post briefly about some of the awesome places I found in case you ever get the chance to visit NYC.

Hu Kitchen 78 5th Ave, New York City
I had read about the clean whole food cooking and thought it was a must visit place. Their philosophy is serving food that is unprocessed and still good for you. It is a small restaurant by 14th St and 5th Ave. I went one morning for breakfast and had these delicious Jordy Cakes, which is their version of pancakes. So moist, hot, and fresh. Absolutely delicious! They were so good I went back the next day for breakfast 🙂 I need to get on creating an at home version until I can get back to NYC for the real deal!
IMG_0011I spent the few days walking all over the city of Manhattan. I had bought an unlimited 7 day  Metrocard but it seemed to be handy to just explore the city on foot. Spent one morning walking along the East River Pathway from the Williamburg bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge. Was a nice walk with hardly any people which provided great city views. Once at the Brooklyn Bridge I walked over into Brooklyn. It was sure crowded and quite congested at points on the bridge.


IMG_0984The Staten Island Ferry was hands down the best activity I did in the short time in NYC. Got to see great city views and it was totally FREE! I would do it again next time I am in NYC for sure! It allowed a close enough view of the Statue of Liberty minus the security screening and procedures (and cost) of the official ferry for the SOL.

IMG_1004IMG_1010One final favourite food I ate was the most delicious tasting sandwich I have ever had. It was a vegetarian sandwich from Lenny’s Deli.  Fresh veggies with whole wheat bread! Yum!!! Simple fresh ingredients…love it! Some how I can never get my sandwich’s like this to taste the same at home. They have multiple locations throughout the city. I definitely recommend checking them out next time you are in NYC.


Writing this post has made me want to visit even sooner!!!

Do you have any favourite spots in NYC?

Any tips on recreating restaurant meals at home?

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4 Responses to New York City Recap

  1. Anna says:

    I haven’t been to Hu but I’ve tried their quinoa chocolate and it was incredible! But looking at those pancakes, I think I’ll be heading over there soon. 🙂 That sandwich looks delicious too. I have a Lenny’s about 5 minutes from my apt and have never been there, but I always see a crowd, so guess I’ll have to give that a try too!


    • You must try the Sandwich at Lenny’s! I wish I had tried more things at Hu but didn’t make it there around dinner time. I heard their brownies are delicious too. I will have to check out the quinoa chocolate next time!


  2. I’ve never been to New York or really the east coast at all but it’s on the list! That’s good to know the ferry you took was free and you could still see the statue of liberty!


  3. Julie says:

    I haven’t been to New York since 2008! I do want to go back though at some point now that I’m older and know what I want to see!


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