WIAW #26

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. I am currently writing this post on Monday evening as I am heading out to a concert Tuesday night. I heard about this musical group The Piano Guys a while ago. They are from Utah and are incredibly talented musicians. They have a lot of videos on YouTube and play a range of classical songs and contemporary ones. Yesterday I happened to see an ad promoting their concert tomorrow night. I decided to buy a ticket and attend the show. I am really looking forward to it! Now onto a look at some of my meals from this week.

My new job starts really early so I have been making Kodiak Cakes in advance and just reheating them each morning in the microwave. They taste like they are fresh and it saves a ton of time. I have tried a few other alternatives for breakfast but haven’t found an alternative that keeps me full for as long as the Kodiak Cakes do. I spotted these bright vibrant coloured berries at Costco on Friday. I have been eating and snacking on them all weekend.
IMG_1737I also managed to pick up a package of this yummy coffee at Target this weekend….bonus as it was on sale as well! The other day I saw that Brie had recommended it and it smells and tastes great. I saw there was pecan pie flavour as well but didn’t pick it up. Has anyone tried that?
IMG_1732I picked up some Wrap’N Roll lavash bread last week but it seemed drier than other kinds I have had. I spread some hummus, added some sliced turkey breast, and topped with with some broccoli slaw.
IMG_1736I also had some tea and ginger snap cat cookies as well.
IMG_1739I had been looking for a smaller (4 qt ish) size programable slow cooker for a while. I wanted one that would switch to a warm mode and all the smaller sized ones I could find weren’t programable. I happened to see Walmart had a 4qt programable one on sale for $17. I picked up the last one in stock on Saturday and made some bison chili yesterday in it. It was really good. I forgot to grab an onion and chili powder so I had to improvise with the seasoning. Despite lacking a few ingredients it was really good. I will definitely be creating another batch soon. I haven’t made or ate chili in a long time but had been craving it lately. I am thinking I will repeat this creation soon. I also had some torn lavash bread on the side.
IMG_1741I ended the day with a microwaved cinnamon apple with some raspberries and frozen yogurt. Delicious!
IMG_1733Any slow cooker recipes that you recommend?
Any favourite bands or musical groups you have seen in concert lately?

Hope you all stay warm and can avoid the crazy pre christmas shopping madness!

Head over to Jenn’s site to check out everyone else’s wonderful meals.WIAWbuttonCheers!


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WIAW #25

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all staying warm and are having a great week. I have been busy adjusting to a new work schedule. Here is a look at some things I have done this week and some of the meals I had!

Last Friday afternoon I visited the wonderful Tempe Festival of the Arts in Tempe, AZ. It is held twice a year and has tons of artists and vendors. I went a few years ago and picked up a great mug that I still use along with a unique christmas ornament. I was hoping to find another mug and maybe an ornament but nothing really caught my eye. I did come home with a few jars of great tasting salsa and a couple of candles. It was a great few hours of wandering the streets looking at the talented artists work. If you are ever in town when it is being held I highly recommend checking it out
IMG_1716I stopped by Desert Roots Kitchen again for another great wrap and salad. This was a spicy rice and spinach wrap that had a few lentils mixed in as well. The pico de gallo slaw salad was awesome. So simple but yet so fresh, spicy, and flavourful. I am hoping to re-create it soon. I had always thought I didn’t care for cilantro but since moving here and eating it more I realize I really do like it.They also had these puffed wheat squares with date and coconut. They were quite crumbly but very good as well. I ate this great lunch before hitting the streets of the arts festival.
IMG_1715I spent Saturday relaxing at home and put together a quick turkey pita sandwich with some veggies and a new hummus I picked up at Whole Foods. I picked up a container of the original Roots Hummus which I had never had before. It was quite good. I think it would be a good dip for crackers as well.
IMG_1720On Sunday I participated in the Hot Chocolate 5k in Scottsdale. It was quite crowded on the course but I think it had to do with them only spacing the start times for each corral. Only 90 seconds between groups is not enough! Anyways, the weather was great and it was  an enjoyable morning. I have yet to find some new long sleeve running tops so I had to run in a hoodie to keep warm. It was a pleasant but cool 50F. One of the handouts at the finish area was a plastic mug/dish that was filled with a banana, snacks, chocolate fondue, and hot chocolate. I was not feeling like eating chocolate at 9am so I grabbed just the cup and a banana. I thought it would be a fun  dish for some veggies to go along with dinner.
IMG_1722I was feeling kinda lazy at supper so I put together another pita turkey and slaw sandwich. I had a some blue corn chips and my new salsa on the side.
IMG_1725My evening snack of a microwaved diced apple and tons of cinnamon  with frozen cherries and a scoop of frozen yogurt continues. It smells amazing and tastes so good. I am addicted. I just bought a huge jar of cinnamon at Costco on Friday cause I see no end in sight to this current apple trend!

IMG_1709Sleepy time mint tea and these ginger cat cookies were enjoyed as well :) I heard there is a Celestial Seasoning Cranberry Vanilla variety and I want find and try it out. It sounds so good!
IMG_1666Have you tried the Cranberry Vanilla tea?…if so where did you find it?
Any plans for the week ahead?

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting this weekly linkup. Make sure to head over to her site and check out what WIAW is all about.


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WIAW #24

Happy December Friends! Hope you all had a great holiday Thanksgiving weekend and are managing to keep warm if you aren’t in a warm location. I officially started my new job this week. It has been great to get started and meet my manager and coworkers.

After a month of being super busy I managed to take some time and relax this weekend. I read a few books and just chilled each afternoon. It was exactly what I needed. I finished Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer and would recommend it if you like the Jodi Picoult type books. It was a really good read. Plus I couldn’t complain about my view (while reading messages from friends about the terrible storms at home)
IMG_1705I picked up a waffle maker at Macy’s over the weekend for only $8 and was excited to try making waffles out of the Kodiak Cakes mix. Unfortunately it was failure. I tried using it twice and even after greasing it with coconut oil the waffles stuck and didn’t seem to cook. I ended up returning it :(

One of the bowls in the dinnerware set I bought developed a crack in it. I returned the set to Costco over the weekend and started looking for a replacement as they were out of the set I had bought. I ended up ordering a new set on Monday for a great deal directly from the manufacturer. The bad news is I am back to eating on my one plastic plate and paper plates till the new set arrives. After assembling this lunch I realized it looks like it is fit for a child! Almond Butter sandwich, banana, grape tomatoes, and some Trader Joe’s ginger cat cookies….Yum!
IMG_1711Dinner was a frozen turkey burger I picked up last week in a pita bread and topped with broccoli slaw. I also roasted up some more brussels sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, and green beans and topped them with some Hope Foods garlic lentil dip. I also enjoyed a beer from Wasatch Brewery in Salt Lake City.
IMG_1693I think I overcooked the burger a bit….I am always nervous about cooking poultry enough and end up making it ‘well done’.

IMG_1700I have been loving my nightly snack lately. I am still all about the diced apple with tons of cinnamon that I microwave and top with cherries. Some days I add some frozen yogurt but other days I eat it with out it. It is so good either way. Add a cup of tea and it has been a wonderful way to end my days.
IMG_1707This weekend I am participating in the Hot Chocolate 5k race. There is a 15k as well but I haven’t been able to run as much lately due to my hectic schedule so I just signed up for the 5k. There is supposed to be a great hoodie/jacket (the true reason I signed up haha!)

Hope you all have a great weekend…any plans?
Do you own a waffle maker? Have you had success with it?
Any favourite teas?  I have been enjoying Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings lately.

Make sure you check out Jenn’s site for more WIAW action.


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WIAW #23

Good Morning! Hope you are all enjoying this short week and looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have been busy getting settled in Phoenix. After hearing people complain about the DMV system and the long waits I got to experience it first hand this week. After going to three different offices and waiting at over an hour at each place I now have an Arizona driver’s license. On Saturday I went out for a hike after breakfast at a local trail near where I am living. Beautiful scenery and views of the valley. I am definitely looking forward to exploring more of the local trails.
IMG_1654Here is a look at some of my meals from this week.

I had a busy day ahead of running errands and waiting in long lines. My usual breakfast of Kodiak Cakes, coffee, and an apple kept me full till lunch which was a huge bonus.
IMG_1675Lunch was a turkey breast sandwich with some of the blackberry currant mustard from Trader Joe’s that I mentioned last week. I have really been enjoying the pack of mustard. I had a issue with my sink in my condo this weekend which made my kitchen sink unusable. I ended up having this same meal for supper over the weekend as it required minimal sink involvement.
IMG_1665I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. I am trying to force myself to drink what I have on hand before buying more. Today I had a pot of Trader Joe’s decaffeinated green tea candy cane variety.

On Sunday morning I went to check out a local farmer’s market near my place. I tried this mango salsa and was really impressed. It is more spicy than sweet and made locally in Arizona. I like mango salsa but often varieties much more sweeter than spicy. They sell a bunch of other flavours that I am looking forward to trying.

IMG_1664When thinking about that to make for supper the idea of a potato appealed to me. I hadn’t had a microwaved potato in ages. I used this method by Hannah and the potato turned out perfect. I topped it with tuna that I mixed with the mango salsa and some sun dried tomatoes. It was a strange looking but good supper. I have been loving roasted veggies lately as well and had a bunch of them as well.

IMG_1671On the weekend I had a craving for apple crisp. I decided to try and make a single serving variation to enjoy. I cut up an apple and sprinkled a ton of cinnamon on it. I microwaved it for 2 minutes and then added a handful of frozen cherries. It smelled amazing as soon as I took it out of the microwave. I topped it with a scoop of greek frozen yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I was looking for a substitute for the traditional topping and when I saw these cookies at TJ’s I thought they would be a good replacement. I chose the ginger variety of the cat cookies. They provided some crunch and spicy ginger flavour. This evening snack was excellent and I have enjoyed it with a cup of tea each night lately.
IMG_1672Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy some great food.

Are you planning on doing any shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I am hoping to find a TV for a good price. I also still need to get a few more kitchen items and some clothes which I hope I can find on sale this weekend.

Make sure you head on over to Jenn’s page and check out what WIAW is all about.


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WIAW #22

Hello! Happy Wednesday Everyone! This is my first WIAW post from sunny and warm Arizona. I arrived on Friday and have been super busy getting settled in my new home. It is so nice to be away from the cool and rainy weather and in the sun :) I don’t start my new job till Dec 1 but have quite a bit of paperwork and tasks to complete before officially starting. I am hoping to have some free time next week to relax and get to know my new neighbourhood…and hit the Black Friday sales for some of the items I need for my new place :) I did end up taking a chance and buying the Costco memory foam mattress without being able to test it out. It is so comfortable. If you like memory foam I highly recommend it….and the price can’t be beat.

I enjoyed a batch of Kodiak Cakes, an apple, and a huge cup of coffee. I had a lot of errands to run and needed the fuel for the day. This meal kept me going till lunch.
IMG_1637I stopped in at one of my favourite places in Tempe. Desert Roots Kitchen. This tiny restaurant/cafe is amazing. It has the most freshest and flavourful food I have ever had. All items are made from local, farm fresh ingrediants (when possible) and are organic. All items happen to be vegan as well. Everyday they have a completely new menu. If you are ever in Phoenix or Tempe you must stop in and have a meal. Today I had half of the cilantro lime chick pea and rice wrap with a side of kale salad that had a interesting dressing of pineapple, orange, and cinnamon. It was delicious. I couldn’t resist the pumpkin, cranberry, and flax square. It was just so fresh and flavourful. I love meals like that.
IMG_1627 IMG_1629After surviving a trip to Ikea I made my next stop at Trader Joe’s. Have any of you had this pack of mustard from TJ yet? I was looking for their whole grain but they were out of stock so I picked this pack up instead. I am so impressed. I highly recommend it. Check it out if you have a TJ near you.
IMG_1630I got home and was starving so I roasted some mushrooms and opened a can of tuna. I added some sun dried tomatoes and some of the basil mustard. It was excellent! So tasty and flavourful. I am looking forward to trying out the rest. I am thinking maybe trying the blackcurrant with salmon? I topped my mushrooms with some Hope Foods curry lentil dip. I couldn’t find that variety at home but found it down here. I had tried that variety at Blend and loved the curry spice.
IMG_1632I ended the day on the couch with some popcorn and a cup of hot tea.
IMG_1634Have you spotted any new foods lately?
Are you a fan of mustard?

Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and check out what WIAW is all about.


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WIAW #21

Happy Wednesday Morning Friends! I have been busy wrapping up life here and preparing for my move to Phoenix this Friday. I will keep this post short as I have more packing and organizing but will have more to say next week from my new home in Phoenix!

I have started my day with a coffee from Starbucks along side a peanut butter sandwich and an apple. Quick breakfast with minimal use of the kitchen equipment I have left.
IMG_1544Figs and La Croix have been staples during my packing. So tasty and refreshing during my countless trips hauling items to from my apartment to the garbage and recycle room. Please excuse the recycled photo :)
IMG_1473I have been having a peanut butter sandwich for lunch but today instead of having an apple on the side I sliced it up and put it in the sandwich. Instant crunch and sweetness! I am desperately trying to use up the food I have and not buy any more. I am down to bread and PB now!
IMG_1521I enjoyed supper out with a group of friends. It was so nice to catch up and see everyone. I had been craving the sweet potato fries from this restaurant but they were kinda disappointing. I had a few but left the rest. Decided to have some popcorn when I got home instead. The grilled mahi mahi tacos were really good however.
IMG_1564I picked this beer from a huge list of craft beer for the name alone…Creepy Uncle Dunken. It was a dark lager which I usually don’t pick but it was surprising good. I will often pick up things based on cool names and while some things don’t taste good it is cool when they do taste good :)
IMG_1575Hope you all have a great week. I am off to finish cramming a suitcase and hoping it is’t over 50lbs! Random question….have any of you bought a memory foam mattress from Costco? Do you like it or hated it? I need to buy a bed and mattress among a lot of other things in Phoenix.

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting this link up. Make sure you check out everyone else’s great meals.



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WIAW #20

Good morning! Hope you all had a great week and a great halloween. I made a quick trip down to Phoenix on the weekend. I toured the apartment complex that I had signed a lease for sight unseen (It looked great. Always kinda a worry though when you make a big decision like that without seeing it in person!). The goal for the weekend was to try and find a car as Phoenix is not a transit friendly city. I spent most of Saturday doing that and finally decided on a 2015 Honda Fit. I was so surprised with the amount of space inside the car and it should be great on fuel! I move down for good next Friday so it would be an understatement to say things are a little crazy in my life right now :) I decided to snap some photos of the food I ate while I was away over the weekend. Enjoy!

Started the day at Starbucks with oatmeal, banana, and a blonde coffee with one pump of pumpkin while sitting out on the patio.
IMG_1530The car shopping took a lot longer than I had thought. After signing the deal I decided to treat myself to a green juice from Nekter Juice Bar. I had seen Megan rave about their juices and wanted to try them out. I got the greenie flavour with tons of veggies. It also had some ginger for a kick. It was really tasty on a warm afternoon.
IMG_1537I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some salads and a sandwich for supper. Relaxing at the hotel instead of eating out was definitely more appealing after this exhausting day. They only had these veggie sandwiches left which were okay but not great. The salads I chose were really tasty however. The coleslaw is mayo free and made with tahini apparently. It was so fresh and good. The kale salad had parsley in it and was good as well.
IMG_1541I had a flight back home at 9pm on Sunday night so I decided to stop by Whole foods and grab supper and eat it at the airport. These roasted veggies were amazing. The lady recommended them so I picked up a container. They are oil free and just have a little Italian dressing on them. Delicious! I love roasted veggies!
IMG_1558The brussel sprouts and sweet potato salad was on sale so I got a few sprouts to try too. Good choice again. The sprouts were huge!
IMG_1556I picked up a tuna, tomato, and lettuce sandwich which was ok but not outstanding. Better than the veggie one the night before but did the trick for a portable food that I could take through security!
IMG_1559I am off to finish packing and keep checking things off my ever growing to-do list! I only have five more days of work left :)

Hope you all have a great week. Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s blog and check out all the great eats!


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